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2020    Istana Woodneuk – Our Grand Old Dame, Dahlia Osman, PASSAGE, Friends of the Museums Singapore, May/June 2020

2019     Pesta N.O.W. Rai Ilham Seni, Impian Wanita, Haryani Ismail, Berita Harian, 23 June 2019

2019    E is for Etching: The ABCs of Asian Art, Usha Das, Plural Art Mag, 15 June 2019

2017    (Video Interview) Artist (collaboration with Chng Seok Tin) Children Biennale, Pauline Soh, National Gallery Singapore

2012    KNOCKOUT: ALL STARS – Charcoal Artist, okto – MediaCorp Singapore, 27 August 2012

2008        April Benefits: Kisane Filmer, Live Out Loud, The Very First issue, April 2008

2008    Artistic skill: Good. Open mind: Better, Tan May Ping, The New Paper LaSalle College of the Arts: Higher Learning supplement, 24 January 2008

2008         “Art Unschooled”, FRONT, Episode 10, Season 3, 22 January 2008

2006    Good companion piece, Richard Lord, The Straits Times, Life! (News), 24 April 2006 

2006    April Benefits: Progress package for Singapore theatre, Richard Lord, Quarterly Literary Review Singapore, Vol. 5 No. 3 April 2006

2002     Tekad berjaya atasi tentangan keluarga  (Determination to succeed overcomes family objections), Suhana A. Samat, Berita Harian, 11 October 2002

2002        A Dream Realized, Roger Taylor, Asian Art News, March/April 2002

2001    Singapore Art Museum : Impression to Form – Contemporary Masterworks from the Ken Tyler Collection, Matin Tran, Heritage – Newsletter of the National Heritage Board, Jan-Mar 2001

2000    Spotlight: LASALLE-SIA graduates selected as trainees for the new Singapore Tyler Print Institute, Josephine Cheong, Arts Connections - Newsletter of the LASALLE-SIA College of the Arts, June-Sept 2000

2000    Kudaku Lari (My Running Horse) at Singapore Turf Club, Josephine Cheong, Arts Connections - Newsletter of the LASALLE-SIA College of the Arts, June- Sept 2000

2000    Tyler Boost – Set for world-class print jobs, Sian E. Jay, The Straits Times, Life! (News), 11 April 2000

2000    Press Conference for the Announcement of the Establishment of the Singapore Tyler Print Institute, Arts Central - Television Corporation of Singapore, 10 April 2000

1999    Mengimbangi realiti dan khayalan (Balance between reality and dreams), Haleyna Haris, Berita Harian, 18 May 1999

1999    Art with an anti-drug message, Sarah Ng, Weekend East – Eastern Newsletter, 9 April 1999

1999    Tampines MRT station – “I choose to turn away from it “ Dahlia Osman, Juice Magazine - Art Arena, Art Fresco, May 1999

1998     Three men and a single woman in search of a sperm, Elizabeth A. Kaiden, The Straits Times – Theatre, 16 Feb 1998

1997    A dream worth remembering, P.Y. Van, The Business Times – Executive Lifestyle, 22 Sept 1997

1996    Cekal hadapi cabaran demi cabaran - Bekas pelajar LaSalle-SIA kini pensyarah (Determined to overcome
trials and tribulations - Former student at LaSalle-SIA now a lecturer), Dewani Abbas, Berita Harian, 7 Oct 1996

1996    LaSalle Expands to offer dance and multimedia, Koh Boon Pin, The Straits Times - Life at Large, 9 Mar 1996

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